About Football Federation Australia’s Play Project

In partnership with the Mondelēz International Foundation, Football Federation Australia are committed to supporting and inspiring a generation of young Australians to engage in more active play and healthier lifestyles.  As such, this program is delivered to schools entirely free of charge.

Designed for children at critical stages of development, Play Project is delivered as three separate face-to-face workshops. Created in collaboration with leading academic experts, each workshop is tailored to the needs of specific year groups and has been mapped to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Using captivating, classroom appropriate games and activities to stimulate and challenge, students are motivated to understand why active play is important and beneficial, and inspired to change their active play attitudes and behaviours.

Monkey Bars

The Workshops

Stage One

Years 1 and 2
45-60 minutes

Doesn’t matter what we play, huff ‘n’ puff every day!

Our team Trainer character engages students to participate in a series of fun and safe activities that both practically demonstrate, and drive a real understanding of the positive effects daily active play has on their health and wellbeing.

Concepts covered include the relationship between active play and our bodies, minds and emotions, and active play for indoor settings.

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Stage Two

Years 3 and 4
45-60 minutes

After school every day, huff ‘n’ puff is the way!

Using a series of motivating games and activities students are challenged to think creatively about alternatives to screen-time, equipping them with the practical knowledge and awareness they need to make informed and positive lifestyle choices.

Concepts covered include active play through the ages, and the impacts of excessive recreational screen-time on our bodies.

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Stage Three

Years 5 and 6
45-60 minutes

60 minutes of huff’n’puff every day!

The workshop engages students in facilitated group activities that speak practically to the tangible and lasting benefits of ‘huff’n’puff’ (MVPA) on their overall health and wellbeing. Students learn to both identify ‘huff’n’puff’ and ways of achieving their 60 minutes every day.

Concepts covered include the five key benefits of daily ‘huff’n’puff’, as well as the recommended amount and intensity.

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